Who we are

The aim of the Cassava Piece Development and Education Centre (The Centre) is to provide educational programmes which will enhance and uplift adults and children as they gain knowledge and practical experiences for their future development.

There is access to books, computers and educational programmes for citizens of the community and its surrounding areas. Our programmes are geared to strengthen and inspire the ability of individuals, and uplift and unite the immediate and other community persons that utilize the services at Cassava Piece.

What we do

Our programs are mainly focused on youth and young adults. We offer educational and cultural programs, homework care, literacy, computer classes, and social development workshops.

We facilitate non-syllabus education, home-work support and afternoon school activities for the children; literacy / numeracy, skills training, computer courses, creative and art courses, drama, poetry classes and cultural activities like the playing of drums for African dance classes.

Secure Environment
We provide a safe, clean and secure environment for our youth to learn, grow, enjoy various recreational games and fun activities.
Youth Development
The Development and Education Centre offers various forms of skills training for youths. The Centre prepares youths for the competitive job market.
The Centre brings together children from the community and surrounding areas to develop understanding, tolerance, friendship and peace.
Children (daily)
Adults (daily)
5 Cassava Piece Road, Kingston, Jamaica
E-mail: info@cdecjamaica.org Phone:(876) 872-1039