Our Facilities

The Development and Education Centre

The Centre continues to administer the same programmes as the HELP Jamaica! organization. 

The Centre consists of an open general reading area with a comprehensive library including many volumes of reading materials in the following categories: Non-fiction, Fiction, Educational, Research, and Business with a focus on Caribbean, African, African American and other cultures. The Centre also provides guidebooks on parenting and youth development. 

The reading area is also used for workshops, lectures, recreational activities and other specified programmes. 

Our wide range of educational and creative courses provides an attractive program, including those geared towards introducing books and computers as sources of knowledge whilst adopting effective research techniques from basic levels to advanced research projects.

We also pay special attention to the literacy needs of slow readers. Our caring staff will always suggest suitable reading materials to encourage children and adults to read. From time to time, volunteers will perform reading sessions with a focus on guided reading.

Additionally, we have a beautiful green landscaped area with a garden that is used for outside activities, along with the neighboring school ground, which can also be used for outside activities i.e. - sports and outdoor games.

Computer Center

The second classroom at The Centre is used for Information Technology (IT) classes. The classroom is approved by the HEART Trust / NTA and it is designated to be used solely for IT classes.

The Computer Center offers immediate access to our computers and the Internet. This helps   substantiate for the lack of access to computers at home.

We teach basic computer skills including Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, basic Internet search techniques along with critical media skills for the appropriate use of the Internet.


We offer Information Technology – Data Operation classes which are approved by the HEART Trust / NTA, CSEC - CXC classes and we also offer basic level classes in literacy and numeracy for adults. These classes are all administered by professional volunteers.

The CSEC - CXC classes are held on Monday to Friday evenings during the hours of 6:00 p.m. to 8.00 p.m. and on Saturdays between 8.00 a.m. and noon.