Mission & Objective

The programmes are designed to enhance the following traits in children and young adults.

  • Self-esteem through support of their personal ideas
  • Discover their various talents
  • Assist in development of practical skills useful in their personal lives
  • Job search assistance
  • Nurture children to develop social skills
  • Develop and nurture interpersonal skills including: Empathy and Responsibility

By providing access to children and young adults at The Centre, a variety of uplifting initiatives are designed to instill confidence in young persons and to guide them as they develop a positive prospective for their future. Most importantly, The Centre is used for young people to have access to the myriad of resources and ideas always available to change their own circumstances in life and those of others.

This, we believe, contributes to breaking the cycle of despair, frustration, violence and, ultimately crime which destabilizes the Jamaican society.