Our Goals

The aim of the Cassava Piece Development and Education Centre (The Centre) is to provide educational programmes which will enhance and uplift adults and children as they gain knowledge and practical experiences for their future development. 

There is access to books, computers and educational programmes for citizens of the community and its surrounding areas. Our programmes are geared to strengthen and inspire the ability of individuals, and uplift and unite the immediate and other community persons that utilize the services at Cassava Piece.

The Center is non-governmental/non-aligned and shares an open-door policy for all members of the community and surrounding areas.  The Center is peaceful and violence-free. It is a friendly and welcoming place to learn, to engage in educational activities, and it allows for creativity in various fields.  The Centre consists of a reading area and a computer lab. It also serves as a facility that offers a variety of recreational activities for children, young adults and adults, alike.