What We Do

General Objectives

We facilitate non-syllabus education, home-work support and afternoon school activities for the children; literacy / numeracy, skills training, computer courses, creative and art courses, drama, poetry classes and cultural activities like the playing of drums for African dance classes

We offer a wide array of courses to support and activate talent and self-esteem, education, special interests, and personal development

We encourage participation of community members to share their knowledge, and create a link between generations to unite people and bring about positive changes for the community with accessible opportunities for all.

We educate about Jamaican history and different cultures including Caribbean culture and literature, religions, nature, persons of significance, and world affairs to broaden children’s horizon.

We conduct community history projects, workshops, and lectures to foster a positive attitude towards the community and its history by encouraging positive contributions.

We encourage music-culture through workshops with various artists that continue to spread positive and uplifting messages. These artists help to raise youth awareness towards positive and uplifting lyrics with a critical reflection on the power of words and music

We create opportunities for local volunteers at The Centre by training Team Members to support community folk in managing their affairs through workshops, lectures and seminars.

We engage voluntary workers to offer various courses and creative arts programs.

We do field trips with the youth and young adults to historical and special places of interest i.e. - Port Royal, Downtown Kingston, Morant Bay; St. Thomas; Frome and  Accompong in St. Elizabeth.

Community Involvement and Peace Initiatives

The Centre brings together children from the community and surrounding areas to develop understanding, tolerance, friendship and peace.

The Centre involves positive role models.

The Centre cooperates with schools and other educational facilities to inspire common activities through the establishment of friendly relations to reduce violence, and by having joint field trips to explore different communities in the other Parishes.

Youth Development / Job Search / Personal Development

The Development and Education Centre offers various forms of skills training for youths.

The Centre prepares youths for the competitive job market.

The Centre offers certificates to those with regular attendance to our activities and programs

We involve members of the community and surrounding areas with the business sector by visiting companies and institutions for practical training and job opportunities.

We provide workshops, seminars and courses in: economics, small enterprise, personal development, career and motivation with a special focus on at risk youth.

We instill that positive and self-determined choices are a way of life.

We encourage personal talent and skills by engaging tutors, peers and role models

We offer counseling for difficult and life changing challenges.

We offer dispute resolution and conflict management programs

Environment Health, Cooking, Gardening

We promote education on agriculture, farming, and urban gardening in order to sustain oneself in an inner-city through the Ministry of Agriculture Officers (RADA) initiatives: “Plant what you eat and eat what you grow” and “Healthy eating - Explaining the connections between usage of sugar and hyper-activity” programmes; Stress reduction and relaxation courses

We create environmental awareness for the protection of nature by encouraging ‘green’ spaces and discourage the lighting of fires.

We encourage along with Jamaica Fire Brigade the appreciation for nature and the reason for beautifying our surroundings both at home and at The Centre. .

We, along with the Ministry of Health Regional Nursing Officers, offer education on sexual hygiene, HIV prevention, and awareness of personal health

We develop solutions to protect the education facility by offering courses on Hurricane Preparedness with the assistance of ODPEM and the Jamaica Red Cross

International connections and intercultural competence

We utilize international contacts for our organization with a strong link to the German / European Reggae-community, and we receive donations from the donor – HELP Jamaica!

Establish cooperation and email partnership with German educational institutions – Local chairperson’s responsibility.

We integrate volunteers from Germany and other parts of Europe to assist and bring in their skills to promote cultural exchange and mutual tolerance for different cultures.